Group Innnovative Protective Coatings

Stanvac – Superon group is today, India’s leading innovator in the manufacture & marketing of specialised solutions for industrial repair, wear, corrosion, abrasion, electrical insulation, fire suppression, cleaning & degreasing, speciality lubrication…. India’s widest variety of such, high performance “World Class Products’’.

Estd in 1994, with import tie-up’s with a number of world leaders, production of indigenized solutions began in 2004.

We today offer the following “unique”, innovative technology, protective coatings, via technology transfer from leading research & development institutions.

A. METAL PROTECTION-Against corrosion, temperature, leakage, CUI, Chemical/acids fumes,

B. CONCRETE PROTECTION- Against carbonation, weakening, water seepages, oil & acid spillage, algae & fungus, crack repairing, Tankage boot sealing, pipe wrapping…

C. ELECTRICAL INSULATION & FIRE PROTECTION-insulation, anti-tracking, di-electric flooring, cable fire

D. SPECIALITIES- solvent free epoxy coatings & linings, acid protection coatings, ceramic epoxy putties & coatings, metal repair putties, rubber repair putties & coatings, photo glow safety paints, di-electric

Best in class performance via unique “Proprietary” features, ensures solutions to a number of long standing problems in civil, mechanical, utilities & electrical maintenance departments.

Plant II Manesar

Plant II Manesar

Plant III Gurgaon

Plant III Gurgaon

Plant-IV Gurgaon

Plant IV Gurgaon

Floor Densification

Floor Densification & Strengthening + Sealing 754 + 727(FL) & Roof Water Proofing (No Foot Traffic) 754 + 727(RF) : “Dual Seal” Technology

Superior performance system Based on “Dual Seal” technology for floor sealing cum densification, as well as “No Traffic” roof water proofing.

(A) 754 Stangard Sealer

State of art “MCU” technology based 754 concrete sealer penetrates deeply into contaminated concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete floors/walls, against spillages & seepages.

  • Upto 20mm Effectively seals all internal capillary voids.
  • Negative and positive side
  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration. Protects re-bar.

(B) 727(FL) Optimised for Flooring & 727(RF) Optimised for Roofing Applications

727(FL) Stangard HP-PLPU is two component, Polyester resin cured with an aliphatic isocynate based curative. Coating is designed as a applied coating which offers excellent long term protection for metals. Provides excellent color retention, chalk resistance, scratch & wear resistance, weatherability… Resists splashes, spillages & fumes from dilute acids, alkalies, solvents & fuels.

(A) Floors :

  • Floors – industrial, workshop, warehouses, electrical panel rooms…
  • Machine foundations…. Densifies & strengthens
  • Will not absorb oil, water
  • Will not generate dust
  • Easy floor clean ability

(B) Roofs :

  • Effective long term waterproofing for roofs with “No Traffic”.


Structure Densification & Strengthening + Sealing, Anti-carbonation Coating – 753

State of art “GREEN” technology based 753 concrete Anti-carbonation coating penetrates deeply into contaminated concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete floors /walls, against carbonation, water spillages & seepages, algae & fungal growth.

Provides an impermeable film against oil & water but allows concrete to breath, with transmission of water vapour through the protective coating.


  • Penetrative (upto 10 mm), Will seal concrete internal capillary voids very effectively, Will not crack / peel off with time .
  • Repels water “Lotus Effect”
  • Densifies & strengthens concrete -upto 20%
  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration. Protects re-bar.
  • Breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • UV Tolerant… will not get damaged / brittle with time. Green technology.
  • Prevent lichen, algae & fungus formation.
  • Water & Salt tolerant. Protects concrete structures, beams, pillars, foundations, against damage by water saturation & carbonation.
  • Negative and positive side application.
  • Prevents formation of rust and water-borne contaminant stains, decreasing maintenance costs.


  • Concrete general structures – buildings, cooling towers, tanks, warehouses, silo’s…
  • Concrete Bridges, flyovers, tunnels….
  • Marine & Offshore cooling towers/platforms.
  • Boundary walls.

Available colors :- White RAL 9003, Light grey – RAL 7000 & Ivory RAL 1013 (Custom shades > 1000 Ltrs)

Roof Water Proofing 219

Roof Water Proofing : “Triple Seal” Green Technology : Light Foot Traffic – 919+925 System

First Time in India – Stangard 3 Layer, Green, “Direct on Roof” Water Proofing System, is a Combination of Penetrative sealer, 2- component Elastomeric top coating, that cures at room temperature to a tough rubber – like material, remaining flexible at temperatures down to even -5oC and a special re-enforcement membrane


Layer 1 – 919 Penetrative Sealer :

  • Penetrative (upto 10 mm), will seal concrete internal capillary voids very effectively,, will not crack / peel off with time.
  • Breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Green technology.

Layer 2 – 925 Flexible Elastomeric Top Coating

  • Excellent adhesion & crack bridging
  • High flexibility with high recovery – no cracking
  • High tensile elongation
  • Excellent water impermeability
  • Excellent durability to long term weathering & UV
  • Resistant to carbon dioxide & chloride ion diffusion – excellent ant carbonation coating(1mm = 75mm concrete equivalent protection).


  • Flexible roof water proofing & protective membrane.
  • Flexible crack bridging.

Layer – 3 – Reinforcement Membrane.

Ensures Excellent System Integrity & Strength. Prevents cracking.

  • Superior adhesion to existing roof surfaces – brick bat-coba, etc unlike APP Elastomeric Membrane System.
  • Excellent weathering – durable water proofing.
  • Green PU technology….. No solvents, voc’s….
  • Cold application. No hot torching.
  • Economically priced Vs inferior performance 1 or 2 Layer APP /Elastomeric Membrane Type Technologies.

Roof Water Proofing : “Triple Seal” Technology : Heavy Foot Traffic Tough Flexible Epoxy 920 + 926 System

Penetrative cum tough rubber like elastomeric water proof coating – Ideal for severely cracked roofs.

926 Stangard Water Seal is a 2- component Epoxy-Tar system that cures at room temperature to a tough rubber – like material, remaining flexible at temperatures down to even -5oC.

It adheres to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, wood, fiber glass and many others.

Due to its low sensitivity to humidity it can also be used for coatings in thin layers and has a remarkably high tensile and tear strength.


Layer 1 – 920 – High build moisture & sault tolerant penetrative sealing premier – up to 20mm

Layer 2 – 926 – 2K flexible elastomeric rubber like epoxy coatings overlay – excellent bond adhesion & cross linking tough.


Impermeable against water 7 other corrosive liquids. same less will never peel-off. No need to expose mother slab or apply  top screed.


  • As flexible water proofing membrane – Roofs, Tanks, Silo’s
  • Flexible joints sealing.
  • Tank base sealing.

Layer – 3 – Reinforcement Membrane

  • Excellent System Integrity & Strength. Prevents cracking.
  • Superior adhesion to existing roof surfaces – brick bat-coba, etc unlike APP Elastomeric Membrane System.
  • Excellent weathering – durable water proofing.
  • Green PU technology….. No solvents,voc’s….
  • Cold application. No hot torching.
  • Superior warrantied performance vs 1 or 2 Layer APP /Elastomeric Membrane Type Technologies.


Roof Water Proofing 219
Long Term, Negative Side Waterproofing

Long Term, Negative Side Waterproofing & Protecting Cooling Towers, RCC Water Storage Tanks…

1311 STANGARD CORROKOTE (MVT) : Moisture tolerant, wet tolerant, “breathable” barrier protection for concrete surfaces – a complete negative pressure water proo ng system and protective coating for “deteriorated” damp concrete.

  • High strength “breathable” – negative pressure water proofing solution.
  • Releases osmotic pressure and provides long term barrier protection & edge coverage.
  • One coating for all types of concrete surface protection – water proofing, preventing algae, fungus & bio–film formation in cooling towers…long term corrosion prevention against mild acids, alkalis… immersion as well as external use.
  • Can be applied and will perfectly perform on moist, wet, damp & even on green Ideal for the protection of “deteriorated” damp concrete.
  • High tolerance to salt & chloride.
  • Fast drying, easy application, saves time.
  • Useable both externally (with suitable top coat) & in immersion service.

Area’s of use:

  • Concrete roof water proofing
  • Cooling towers
  • Concrete Bridges & Tanks
  • Basements
  • Floors & Walls
  • Dams & irrigation
  • Tunnels & Subways Chemical processing plants
  • Marine & Offshore Cooling Towers/platforms

Negative side waterproofing:

  • Inside of basements
  • Outside of water tanks or portable water tanks
  • Inside of lifts pits
  • Inside of tunnels
  • Leaking side of retraining walls
  • Underside of leaking ceilings



Pull of adhesion on concrete (ASTM D454) – >650 psi (concrete failure)

Tensile strength (ASTM D638) – >5500 psi

Tensile elongation % – >4.0%

Salt spray resistance (ASTM B117)*(re-bar) – passes 5000 hours

Protection of Concrete Floors – Acid Spillage / Acid Resistant Linings – 756 + 4029 System


Three component epoxy resin based moisture tolerant primer for concrete floor & concrete Structure coating.


  • Designed as an moisture tolerant primer for concrete wall & flooring.
  • Good bonding with old and new concrete surfaces, even contaminated with moisture (up to 15%), that are sound.
  • Provides good adhesion between concrete surface and subsequent Stangard series topcoat.
  • Quick drying characteristics.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Excellent adhesion even on “Tiled” surfaces, post surface roughening.


  • Primer for the Concrete & wall.
  • Can be used for dense substrate like Kota stone, tiles


High Build, Solvent Free, Chemical, Solvent, Acid, Alkali… Resistant, Severe Service, Epoxy Coating.

  • 100% solids system – High functionality novolac resin with a uv & moisture tolerant advanced cycloaliphatic curative.
  • Outstanding resistance to both concentrated mineral acids (98% Sulfuric, 33% Hydrochloric, Aqua Regia…) & also concentrated oxidizing acids (50% Nitric acid).
  • Hard wearing surface, seamless protection of ………. Traffic grade useable, low maintenance coating…… Can withstand low motor traffic as well as plastic/rubber wheel traffic.Anti-bacterial, prevent bacterial growth on the coated surfaces.
  • Premium quality, solvent free, multi-functional, Novolac Epoxy System is designed to provide optimum protection against a broad range of aggressive chemicals, organic & inorganic acids, solvents, high temperatures…
  • High build – 1000 microns DFT application.


  • Neutralisation pits
  • Acid storage area’s
  • Battery room floors…
  • Trenches
  • Acid bunds
  • Acid unloading area’s.
Protection of Concrete Floors
Concrete Repair Solutions 750

Concrete Repair Solutions 750 & 751 Stanfloor- Floor Repair

750 Stanfloor- Floor Repair compound is a polymer modified epoxy based compound having good mechanical properties – 7 to 14 hours curing time.

USP’S: Easy to use and apply, can bond to metal as well as concrete surfaces, abrasion resistantance, excellent bond strength, minimum downtime with ease of application. Chemical resistant.

Applications: Designed for use on concrete as well as metal parts. Typical uses are repairs of damaged floors, repairs of rotary or stationary equipment foundation repairs, resurfacing of the industrial floors. Since it has abrasion resistant it can be used for heavy duty applications on industrial floors and can be used in metal parts or equipments in tandem with suitable system.

IMP: Also available – CEMENT+ for low cost repairs cum waterproofing – 24 hours curing time. Economical.

751 Stanfloor – Repair ()Quick Set)

A fast drying 100% solids, three component epoxy resin based system, loaded with inert fillers. Enables quick repairs of holes and cracks in concrete foors, ramps, walls and also in grouting applications – 1 to 2 hours curing time.


  • 100% Solid epoxy system.
  • No-shrinkage during and after curing.
  • Quick set-suitable for fast repairing works, including vertical application.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Can be made self leaving by adjustment of filler loading at site.
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces with adjustment of filler loading at site.
  • Smooth Glossy Finish can be achieved by using Part-C2


Repair damages in concrete structures.

Damage Floor 756 Primer

751 Repairs

Ready to use 60 minutes


  • Shop floors
  • Work shop’s
  • Ware houses
  • Machine foundations
  • Compressor & DG rooms….
  • Electrical panel rooms

a)754 IK MCU & 727(FL) 2K PU Polyester, Densifier + Sealer


b) 756+760+765 solvent free epoxy 2mm/3mm


Walls, Structures, Silo’s, Cooling Towers…

a) 753 1K Breathable penetrative densifier + sealer

b) 754 + 727 1K MCU & 2K PU Polyester densifier + sealer

Water Proofing

– 754+727 (RF)– No traffic area’s

– 919+925 : 3 Step System – Light Traffic

– 920+926 – Tough : 3 Step System

– 1040 + 1311 FLX + 725 Metallic Roofs

Wall Seepages

– 754

– 1311 MVT

– Negative side protection & sealing

Acid Protection Linings

-756+4029 /718 EGF (NV)


– 750

– 751

– Cement +

“We Protect Better”

Premium Quality “Solvent Free” Epoxy Flooring, Gangway Marking & Yellow Lining – 756 + 760 + 765

Superior solvent free high performance epoxy system for general industrial flooring.

FEATURES: 100% solid epoxy.

  • Abrasion resistance top coat.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Pull off adhesion >600psi (concrete failure).
  • Self leveling.


  • Chemically resistant – good resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • High abrasion, impact and mar resistance
  • Hygienic – provides a dense, impervious, glossy seamless floor surface which is easily cleaned. High peel-off & crack resistance.


Industrial floors, warehouse & storage areas, workshops floors, automobile servicing and assembly areas, dairy/pharma industry, humidity controlled room floors & floor line marking.

Premium Quality

“We Protect, Better”

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