Innnovative Protective Coatings

Stanvac – Superon group is today, India’s leading innovator in the manufacture & marketing of specialised solutions for industrial repair, wear, corrosion, abrasion, electrical insulation, fire suppression, cleaning & degreasing, speciality lubrication…. India’s widest variety of such, high performance “World Class Products’’.
Estd in 1994, with import tie-up’s with a number of world leaders, production of indigenized solutions began in 2004.
We today offer the following “unique”, innovative technology, protective coatings, via technology transfer from leading research & development institutions.
A. METAL PROTECTION-Against corrosion, temperature, leakage, CUI, Chemical/acids fumes, abrasion
B. CONCRETE PROTECTION- Against carbonation, weakening, water seepages, oil & acid spillage, algae & fungus, crack repairing, Tankage boot sealing, pipe wrapping…
C. ELECTRICAL INSULATION & FIRE PROTECTION-insulation, anti-tracking, di-electric flooring, cable fire protection.
D. SPECIALITIES- solvent free epoxy coatings & linings, acid protection coatings, ceramic epoxy putties & coatings, metal repair putties, rubber repair putties & coatings, photo glow safety paints, di-electric paints.

Best in class performance via unique “Proprietary” features, ensures solutions to a number of long standing problems in civil, mechanical, utilities & electrical maintenance departments.


Plant wide, superior, protection

Production Machinery, Hand Rails, General Weathering C1- C3, Dusty Area’s….

“Cross Linked 1K System ” for C1-C3

  • Polyhyb: MS
  • Polyhyb HP: GI
  • Polyhyb FR: Fire retardancy

General Structures C4-C5

(A) 240 microns DFT : 709 Surface tolerant + 724 SHP
(B) 150 microns DFT : 1K 2070 polyshield Water based “Green”

Rusted Pipelines, Wet Areas, Acidic Area’s, Marine Corrosion… C5 I&M.

(A) Rusted pipelines : 1040 low surface tension + 725 SHP
(B) C5 I&M Acidic 1040 + 718 EGF + 727 SHP


  • 1170, 1180, 1190
  • 731 ER Extreme
  • 712 CRS Anti stick Nano ceramic
  • 731 ER + 740 BC


  • 712 CRS Nano ceramic
  • HHC 300 & 600
  • Silicone copolymer
  • Nano fillers Low emissivity


  • Pipe Wrapping
  • Boot Sealing
  • Tank / vessel linings
  • (SPL) Putty
  • 717 PU Kote

“We Protect, Better”

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Fast Drying
Fast Drying1

Fast Drying – C1 To C3 : 1k Cross Linked Copolymer Technology : 2050 Polyhyb HP

One component “Cross linked” Hybrid co- polymer.


  • +Best in Class Anti – Corrosion Resistance.
  • Fast drying, Ready to service in 30 minutes.
  • Excellent UV & Weathering Resistance.


  • 500 hours salt spray resistance. Warrantied double service life vs synthetic enamel paints.
  • Time savings. Saves downtime, scaffolding costs…
  • Excellent for dusty areas.
  • Higher safety-fire & user.

All structures, pipelines, storage tanks… exposed to general weathering, C1 to C3 conditions, production machinery static & mobile (cranes, for lifts, HEMM), High dust areas, railings….Motor & pump casings, Electrical panels, JB’s transformers, switchyard structures.
Grades available
A)  2050 Polyhyb HP : Production Machinery, GI
B)  2050 Polyhyb : MS, Dusty
C)  2050 Polyhyb FR : Fire Safety
D)  2050 Polyhyb FLX : Floor lining

General Structures – C4 to C5 Areas : 1K “Cross Linked” Green Technology Nano Polymers : 2070 Polyshield

Nano polymer 1K “Green” system for preventing corrosion in C4 – C5 conditions.


  • Passes >1000 hours salt spray resistance (ASTM B117), C4-C5, i.e. very strong corrosion aggressivity, in DFT <150 microns. Two coat primer (100 microns) & one coat top coat, (50 microns two passes wet on wet) application – major time savings in application time & cost.
  • Water based. No flammable solvents. Ideal for application in running plants, high fire risk areas…
  • Eco friendly & user safe.
  • Meets ISO 14000 safety & disposal norms.
  • Excellent surface adhesion.
  • Excellent UV resistance – does not need PU Top coating.
  • Prevents metal loss better + less application time, as compared to conventional primer + epoxy midcoat + PU top coat systems, despite being “Eco Friendly” water based.
  • Available in multiple RAL Shades.(Opaque only)

Application areas :
C4 – C5 structures, pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, railings…

General Structures
General Structures Superhydrophobic
General Structures Superhydrophobic1

General Structures – C4 to C5 Areas : 709 EPU-Mio True Surface Tolerance Epoxy + 724 Superhydrophobic PU Top Coat – 240 Microns DFT System

Surface tolerant hybrid epoxy primer cum intermediate 709 + Superhydrophobic PU top coat 724, provide India’s most effective 240 microns DFT, anti-corrosion system, for C4-C5 areas – general structures, tanks, pipelines….

  • Surface tolerant epoxy – mio primer + intermediate = superior adhesion & higher impermeability.
  • Superhydrophobic SHP PU = Superb Water repellancy. Prevents water uptake into the system. Prevents dirt & dust adhesion. Self cleaning.
  • Passes >1000 hours salt spray resistance C4-C5 area’s as per ISO 12944 in 240 microns DFT.
  • SHP PU Top Coat – Excellent UV resistance. Available in multiple RAL shades.

Application areas :
C4 – C5 structures, pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, railings…

Rusted /Wet Pipelines & Structures C4-C5 Areas : True Surface Tolerance 1040 + 725 Superhydrophobic

Two component true surface tolerant “low Surface Tension” Epoxy-PU system – Wet & “Actual” rust tolerance.
“Ultra low surface tension” – Will penetrate surface rust & bond to parent metal surface, unlike superficial bond of conventional epoxy coatings.

  • High Solids (90%).
  • MIO fortified.
  • >2000 hrs Salt Spray.
  • Good Chemical resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion on Steel.


  • True surface tolerant “low surface tension” epoxy coating with wet & “Actual” rust tolerance.
  • Excellent adhesion on ST-2 prepared surfaces (>1200psi).
  • Better alternate of general purpose Epoxy-PU system, other less surface tolerant systems.
  • Can be applied in wide range of atmospheric conditions.
  • High quality aliphatic PU top coat.

Cooling towers, C-4 to C-5 areas, steel structures, tank out side & supporting structure coating, external pipe lines, metal bridges & chemical processing plants, GI structures, dirty contaminated surfaces, wet & humid areas – paper, coastal area, oil & gas….

Rusted Wet Pipelines
Chemical & Acid
Chemical & Acid1

Chemical & Acid Attacked Area’s, Marine,….. C5 I&M : 1040 + 718 EGF + 727 Superhydrophobic

Low surface tension epoxy + Novolac Epoxy with Glass flake + Polyester PU system.

  • Novolac epoxy.
  • Glass flake.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • >3000 hrs Salt Spray.
  • Better flexibility than std. Epoxy novolac systems.
  • Unique surface tolerant primer & polyester PU top coat.


  • >6 month H2SO4 (98%)acid Immersion resistance.
  • >6 month HCL (33%) acid immersion resistance

Acid fume exposed areas, C-4 to C-5 I&M areas, steel structures in chemical plants, acid storage tank out side & supporting structures, structures of acid handling area, gypsum plant, paper mills, acid bunds, over coating on acid tile joints…..

High Temperature Energy Saving 1k Coatings – HHC 300 & 600 & ES 70

High Heat Coating is formulated with leafing aluminum pigment and silicone co polymer vehicle to provide heat resistance + energy saving upto 600°C. This coating offers excellent weathering characteristics, plus, it resists mild industrial fumes.


  • Single component silicone Co-polymer resin based, aluminum heat resistant coating with excellent adhesion & durable anti-corrosion.
  • Nano fillers provide unique “Low emissivity” properties – Energy savings
  • Unique dual use, corrosion + energy savings.
  • Durable, superior weathering resistance.
  • Excellent high temperature & thermal cycling resistance.
  • Available two grades HHC (300) & HHC (600).

High Heat Coating may be used to coat exhaust manifolds, chimney’s, stacks, breechings, furnaces, drying ovens, kilns, incinerators, boilers, pipes, heat exchangers, pre-heater cyclones etc…

High Temperature Energy
High Temperature Energy1
High Temperature + Abrasion

High Temperature + Abrasion + Corrosion + Anti Stick 2k Hybrid Epoxy – 712 CRS

High temperature corrosion protection, nano ceramic filled, hybrid epoxy coating.


  • Excellent anti-stick, anti-abrasion & chemical resistance properties at elevated temperatures.
  • Excellent bond strength.
  • Tough, highly wear & abrasion resistant.
  • Easy to apply /install, clean, repair…
  • Suitable upto 2500C


(A)  HT corrosion prevention : Bag houses, stacks, hot fluid pipe lines, outside furnaces, LRS Tank inside coating, hot air ducts & gensets.
(B) Antistick coating : Fan blades & ducts, ESP hoppers, chutes, buckets….

Ceramic Coating System For Condensors, Heat Exchangers – 1170+1180 /712 CRS

High performance ceramic-silicon steel alloy filled epoxy system for metal repair & protection.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion on Steel.
  • Good Chemical resistance.
  • Ceramic-metal alloy.
  • >5000 hrs salt spray.


  • High performance micro ceramic & nano particles filled epoxy system.
  • Very high cavitation, erosion & corrosion resistance.
  • Ceramic-nano fillers-provides high abrasion-erosion resistance to the coating matrix.


To protect new and old equipment exposed to erosion and corrosion, heat exchangers, condensers, tube sheets and other water circulation equipments, provide abrasion protection surface to butterfly and gate valves & gas scrubbers….

Ceramic Coating System
Zirconium-ceramic Coating System
Zirconium-ceramic Coating System1

Zirconium-ceramic Coating System For Coal & Ash – Extreme Abrasion : 731 Stangard ER Xtream

High Performance zirconium-Ceramic filled epoxy erosion resistant system for metal protection. against pulverised coal, Flyash slurries…

  • Excellent erosion resistance.
  • Ceramic-Zr filled matrix.
  • Rebuild worn-out surfaces fast. Enhances component life minimum 7 times.
  • >10000 hrs salt spray.
  • Excellent sag & shrink resistance.


  • Highest surface hardness – unable to grind with abrasive wheel.
  • Tabor abrasion results <2mg/1000 cycle.
  • High Performance macro Zr-ceramic & re-inforced material filled epoxy system.
  • Very high wear, cavitation, erosion & corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for pulverised coal, limestone, cement, flyash, slurry-lines, pumps, hoppers, slides.

Equipment, pipes and ducting, pump housing, VRM, coal injector valves, pipe line bends ( L-bend,Y-bend,T-bend, reducers etc), power plant, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, cement industries, mining, steel industries & ash handling pipes and valves, coal pulverisers, exhausters, screw conveyors….

Ceramic Pump Coating System – Anti Corrosion & Flow Enhancement : 1170+1190

High performance micro ceramic & nano particles filled SL epoxy system.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Good leveling properties.
  • Excellent adhesion on steel, >2500psi.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • >5000 hrs Salt Spray.


  • Nano fillers provide abrasion resistant smooth surface to liquid. “Roll round” effect.
  • Applies easily with short-bristle brush.
  • Ceramic-Nano fillers-provides high abrasion-erosion resistance to the coating matrix.
  • Very high cavitation, erosion & corrosion resistance.

Centrifugal, turbine & vacuum pumps, pump casings, impeller blades, fan blades, provides abrasion protection surface to butterfly and gate valves, tank & process vessels

Ceramic Pump Coating System
Ceramic Pump Coating System1
Pipeline Re-strenghtening1

Pipeline Re-strenghtening – Meeting ASME PCC 2 : 824 System

Superior performance system for all pipe re- strengthening applications.

  • High strength re-inforced wrap.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Easy application in any climate.
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • Meets the requirement of ASME PCC2.
  • Excellent tight surface adhesion – will not leak.


  • With stand upto 45 kg pressure.
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • A composite, versatile solution for industries where quick-action repair can be critical.

Cracked piping, leaking joints, corroded pipes, emergency repair & pipe line re-strengthening in petrochemicals industries, steel mills.

Z717 Stangard Boot Seal System : Flexible Water Proofing System Providing High Impact Strength & Abrasion Resistance.

  • System consists of – special primer, flexible coating, membrane, sealing tape, foam & U.V. flexible top coating.
  • Two component special flexible coating. curse at room temperature to a tough rubber – like material. remaining flexible at temperatures down to even-30 c.
  • It adheres to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, rubber, wood, fiberglass and many others. It is also suitable as a flexible coating in connection with other metal filled epoxy systems.
  • Prevents tank base corrosion.


  • Tank base sealing.
  • Flexible joint sealing.
  • As a flexible water proofing membrane.
Z717 Stangard Boot Seal System
Stangard #1311 Corrokote

Stangard #1311 Corrokote : High Build – Solvent Free, Versatile, Adduct-cycloaliphatic, Anti-corrosion, Immersion Grade Epoxy Lining

Offers excellent chemical, corrosion & abrasion resistance in severe industrial environments. For the maximum corrosion protection of metal and concrete substrates. in many aggressive environments, including immersion in neutral, alkaline or salt solutions, immersion in concentrated caustic solutions, immersion in waste water, acidic fumes, hydrocarbons, oils, fuels…

  • High build 360-400 microns in two coats.
  • Excellent internal tank lining.
  • Potable water certified
  • Ideal for long term immersion & external use in Cooling towers, Containment area, DM plants, Water treatment plants, Dams & irrigation, Marine, coastal Chemical, petrochemicals, paper… wet /corrosive environments.

NB: Also available economical solutions : 710 SF & 715 EGF

PROPERTY                                   VALUE

Pull of adhesion on concrete  – > 750Psi (Concrete failure)

Pull of adhesion on MS surface – > 1600 Psi

Pull of adhesion Salt spray resistance (ASTM B117)* – Passes 5000 hours

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